Recycling and Fees

Rules and Regulations for Users of the Town of Oxford Transfer Station and Relating to the Implementation of the Solid Waste Ordinance of the Town of Oxford

Adopted May 01, 2008


Note these regulations were approved by the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Oxford on May 01, 2008. rules and regulations are subject to change.

  1. Hours of Operation

                 The hours of operation of the Transfer Station shall be:

Sunday                        8:00 A.M. until Noon

Tuesday                       7:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Wednesday                 7:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Friday                          7:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Saturday                      7:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

There shall be not entry to the Transfer Station other than during the posted hours, except by employees or officials of the Town of Oxford, and contractors performing services for the Town of Oxford.


  1. Access

                        Facility users shall obtain a current Town of Oxford Station Sticker, and shall display such sticker permanently attached to the front windshield, or on the driver’s side of the rear window of the vehicle.

Stickers shall be available at the Town Office.

  1. Materials brought to the Transfer Station shall be sorted. 

All recycling materials are to be brought tot the Recycling Building.  At the current time, the Town of Oxford accepts the following items for recycling:

Newspaper                              Number 2 Plastic                                 textiles

Cardboard                               Aluminum foil and containers mixed paper

Magazines                               tin cans

Glass                                       vinyl siding

These materials may not be disposed of in the hopper as part of household trash.

Bagged materials to be deposited in the hopper shall be in clear plastic bags. No dark or opaque bags will be accepted.  The staff at the Transfer Station may require users to open any and all bags and demonstrate the proper sorting has been done.

  1. All loads brought to the Transfer Station are subject to inspection and may be rejected in whole or in part.

The person bringing the load shall be required to separate it prior to being permitted to dispose of the load, or any part of it.

  1. In addition to household waste and recyclable materials, the Transfer Station shall accept the following from households only.

Brush no limbs greater than 12” in diameter or longer than 5’ in length. The Town may charge a fee for the disposal of brush, which shall be $20.00 per ton.

Wood  Wood brought to the Transfer station shall be separated.

Lumber, painted or not, shall be placed in the waste wood area.  The charge for     waste wood disposal shall be $60.00 per ton.

Pressure treated wood, plywood, chipboard and other woods impregnated with

Resins or glue shall be disposed of as demolition materials, and the Town may

Charge a fee for such disposal or require that the materials be disposed of at an

Alternative location.

Bulky Goods, The Town may charge for disposal of furniture, mattresses, and carpets

And rugs, or other material that cannot ordinarily be disposed of in the hopper,

Or by placement in piles for chipping or other disposal.

Leaf and yard waste no plastic bags, no stones

Oil see below

Metal Metal shall be placed at the direction of the Transfer Station Attendants and

Town may charge a fee for disposal of metal.

Inert products

Tires The town will accept tires, and may charge a fee for such disposal.

Ashes The Town will accept wood ashes from household fireplace or wood stoves             only.  These must be placed in the area designated by the Transfer Station staff.

No ashes of any kind from commercial sources, or that contains ashes from the

Burning of household or other waste shall be accepted.

The Town will not accept hazardous or dangerous wastes as defined by the State of Maine, except on special “household hazardous waste” days as may be sponsored by an agency working with the Town.


The Town currently will accept Universal Waste as defined by the State of Maine from households only, no commercial or other Universal Waste shall be accepted.


No large or bulky metal wastes will be accepted.


No auto or truck bodies, chassis or large portion thereof shall be accepted.


No automobile, truck, or boat engines or motors shall be accepted.  No lawnmower or chain saw engines nor engines or motors from snow mobiles, ATV’S, and the like shall be accepted.


No asbestos or products containing asbestos will be accepted.


No gasoline or diesel fuels, no hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, paint (except latex based paint), paint thinners shall be accepted.


  1. Waste Oil Products

The Town may accept used automobile oil from residents, but not from

commercial operations.  Only oil that has not had anything added to it shall

be accepted.  Any oil that has been contaminated by the addition of gasoline

diesel, heating oil, hydraulic, brake or transmission fluid, paint thinner or any

other volatile material shall be rejected and may not be left at the Transfer


The oil shall be brought to the Transfer Station in clear plastic containers with

Fully closing tops.  The full name, address and telephone number of the person

Bringing the oil shall be clearly labeled on the container.  The container shall

Be kept at the Transfer Station for a minimum of 24 hours before being placed in

The disposal barrels. Any oil that separates or stratifies shall be retrieved by

The person who left it.  If the oil is not picked up within twenty four hours of

Notification to do so, the Town may dispose of it and charge the cost of such

Disposal (minimum fee of $50.00) against the person who brought the material to

The Transfer Station. This cost may be assessed against the real or personal             property of the person bringing the material to the Transfer Station.

  1. Disposal Area

            The Town shall designate areas within the Transfer Station for disposal of

Certain materials.  Persons disposing of items in an improper area may be required

To retrieve the item(s).  Persons who refuse to follow directions regarding proper

Disposal may be fined and/or restricted from bringing materials to the Transfer


No Dump Picking will be permitted.

All vehicle loads shall be inspected by Transfer Station Personnel before being


No entry shall be permitted to the disposal area until a load has been inspected

And approved.

No one other than designated Transfer Station personnel shall lower the chain or

Open the gate or other barricade to the disposal area.

  1. Fee Schedule

            The fee schedule effective May 01, 2008 shall be as follows:

Tires: (All tires must be delivered without rims.  Tires brought for disposal still

On rims may be refused, or at the discretion of the Attendant, accepted upon

Payment of an additional fee of $15.00 per rim.)

16” and under                                     $2.00 per tire

16”-30:                                                $8.00 per tire

30” and greater                                   $35.00 per tire

Off road tires 11”-18”                        $60.00 per tire

Off road tires 18” or greater               $90.00 per tire

Brush:                                                              $18.00 per ton or the fractional

Portion of a ton times this fee

With a minimum fee of $10.00

Per load if less than one half ton.


Other acceptable wood                                   $60.00 per ton or the fractional

Portion of a ton times this fee with

A minimum fee of $15.00 per load

If less than one half ton.


Other bulky waste:

Couches, love seats, settees                            $5.00 per item

Overstuffed chairs                                          $5.50 per item

Mattresses                                                       $10.00 per mattress

Box spring                                                       $10.00 per box spring

Refrigerator                                                     $10.00 per refrigerator

Freezer                                                            $10.00 per freezer

Cooking stove                                                 $ free

Television set                                                  $ 5.00 per set

Computer monitors                                         $5.00 per monitor

Computer CPU                                                           $10.00 per item

Fluorescent lights                                            $    .25 per linear foot


Metal                                                                           $ free

Asphalt shingles                                                          $50.00 per ton


Leaves and Yard Waste (no plastic bags)                   $ free

Inert Material (bricks, porcelain toilets, cement)        $ free


  1. Demolition Waste

            The Town of Oxford will not accept demolition waste defined as plaster, wall

Board, impregnated woods, carper, linoleum or other flooring materials, or loads

Of otherwise acceptable materials that are mixed with demolition waste. These

Wastes may be disposed of at the MMWAC plant in Auburn at a cost of $85.00

Per ton.

  1. Commercial Waste Haulers

            Those companies that pick up MSW from households in the Town of Oxford may

And who sort and recycle the materials may continue to bring materials gathered   in Oxford to the Oxford Transfer Station. No mixed loads will be accepted, at any


  1. Free Disposal options

The Town of Oxford will no longer have “free dump” days.  Instead, property

Owners may obtain a coupon every year. The coupons go from June to June. This

Coupon may be presented when bringing certain materials to the Transfer Station

In order to have the fees waived for those materials.


Town of Oxford



Material                      What to Recycle        How to Recycle          We do not Recycle


Glass-Clear                Clear Bottles              Rinse Clean                Window Glass

                                    And Jars                    remove all                   light bulbs

                                                                        Metal or                      mirrors/Pyrex

                                                                        Plastic caps                 ceramics/dishes

                                                                        And rings                   drinking glasses

                                                                        Labels may be            auto glass

                                                                        Left on                        porcelain


Glass-Brown              Brown or green         rinse clean                  window glass

Or Green                    Bottles or Jars            remove all                   light bulbs

                                                                        Metal or                      mirrors/Pyrex

                                                                        Plastic rings                ceramics/dishes

                                                                        Labels maybe             drinking glass

                                                                        Left on                        auto glass



Plastic                         Milk and water          remove all                   Rings or Caps

                                    Jugs Bleach                Metal or                      clear or glossy

                                    Bottles detergent        plastic rings                bottles no motor

                                    Bottles tide/dawn/      or caps                        oil or soft drink

                                    All etc. look for          empty and rinse         bottles, peanut

                                    #2 HDPE on               containers leave         butter jars

                                    bottom of item           labels on                     cool whip bowls

            `                                                                                               butter bowls


Tin Cans                    tin can and lids          wash & rinse              no aluminum cans

                                    Coffee, soup,  and      clean                           paint cans

                                    Tuna etc.                                                        aerosol cans

                                    Painted cans are                                            silverware

                                    Ok                                                                   scrap metal


Aluminum cans         aluminum cans          wash and rinse           no tin cans

                                    And lids.                     Clean                          no pie plates

                                    Cat food cans                                                 no foil

                                    Pudding cans                                                


Aluminum dishes       cake pie pans             wash clean                  no burned or

                                    TV trays                     put in with tins           dirty foil



Fluorescent Light      straight and                turn them into the     Do not break

                                    Round                        attendant down at     bulbs. Do not

                                                                        The transfer               bring broken

                                                                        Station                        bulbs into recycle

                                                                                                            Put them in MSW


Newspaper                 newspapers                place in loose              no brown bags

                                    Papers should be       do not tie with            no magazines

                                    Dry, clean & flat        string. Do not             no junk mail

                                    Telephone books       do not include            no cardboard

                                    Paperback books       brown paper              no office paper

                                                                        Bags here.                                         


Cardboard/                corrugated                 boxes should be         no wax or 

Brown bags                cardboard only          flat dry clean              plastic coated

                                    Brown bags                cut into pieces                                                                                                            32”x 60”


Magazines                  any magazine             must be dry                no telephone

                                                                        No strings                   books


Mixed paper              junk mail                    must be dry                no waxed paper

                                    Office paper               clean                           nothing plastic

                                    Computer paper        no strings                    coated

                                    Gift wrapping                                                                                                                        paper


Textiles                       any clothing               must be dry                no wet or dirty

                                    Tablecloths                 must be clean             clothes in recycling

                                    Bedding                      must be in clear         if wet or dirty they

                                                                        Plastic bag                  go down to the

                                                                                                            Transfer station in

                                                                                                            The MSW in clear





Great job Oxford………………Thanks for all the hard work…………………………