The table below shows the level of both Thompson Lake and the flow of the stream.

Reading the Table:

The goal for the summer lake level is 16.  Due to evaporation and drought situations the level often falls below the desired level. Rain fall amounts also affect the lake level bringing it up faster then it drains out.

Above is an example of a gauge in feet

In the Chart Below, when reading the level in inches, we are reading from 0 being at the top of the gauge and measuring down to the water level. The higher the measure in inches the lower the Lake water level is.

When reading the  TLOS Gauge in feet the lower the number, the lower the stream water level. See chart below for both gauge readings.

If Levels are  below 4.12, CFS is unavailable.

March 2018 levels

February 2018 Levels

January 2018 levels

December 2017 levels

November 2017 levels