Athletic Field Maintenance Services

Request for Proposal

Town of Oxford

Athletic Fields Complex

Pottle Rd – Oxford, Me

Scope of proposed services:

The Town of Oxford wishes to secure professional field/grounds maintenance services for the 2018 season for the Pottle Rd Athletic Fields Complex; baseball field, soccer field and surrounding turf within the complex boundaries. Work will be performed effective immediately upon awarding contract to winning proposal. Site inspection is recommended.

Submission of proposal

Proposals may be sent via mail:

Town of Oxford

BID: Athletic Fields

PO Box 153

Oxford, Me 04270

Or drop off at the Town Office.

Deadline for submission is May 10, 2018 3:00 pm.

Criteria for proposal acceptance

The contract will be awarded to the most qualified and responsible proposal for the most reasonable cost. In order to qualify, a prospective provider must meet the following criteria as it relates to this request for proposal:

  1. Possess adequate technical knowledge and experience to perform all required services described.
  2. Proposal submitted must encompasses all requested services.
  3. Submit narrative detailing experience to perform above requested knowledge, experience and skill.
  4. Must be able to communicate with the person scheduling the fields use and work around sports activities scheduled on the fields.
  5. All personnel representing your company and/or working at the athletic complex must not exhibit dangerous or harmful behaviors towards community members including adults and children at the complex.
  6. The Contractor must provide certificate of Maine’s minimum requirement of Workers Compensation Insurance and Certificate of Liability and Property Damage Insurance coverage.
  7. All equipment used to perform scope of work, with the exception of irrigation, will be provided by contractor submitting a proposal for consideration and should be able to use the town’s irrigation equipment. Contents of proposal submitted
  • Short narrative detailing experience to perform all required services described.
  • Breakdown of costs for billable expenses and direct contract costs.
  • The proposal shall be signed by an authorized individual or representative of the company including title.

Scope of work – services to provide bid costs

  1. Mowing, irrigation and fence trimming – Provide labor to mow the interior turf of baseball and soccer fields including areas of turf surrounding the outer perimeter of the athletic fields 2 times per week. String trimmer will be used at fencing both inside and out of baseball and soccer fields. Provide labor to maintain proper irrigation of the fields using the town’s irrigation equipment. Cost will be divided and paid in 6 equal payments.
  2. Fertilizer, lime, pest and weed control – Provide labor and use appropriate equipment necessary to apply fertilizer (3 times/yr); provide labor and use appropriate equipment necessary to apply lime, pest and weed control products as needed. Cost per occurrence. *
  3. Soil test – Minimum one per year. Cost per occurrence.
  4. Grade driveway – Provide all equipment and labor necessary to grade the driveway as requested. Cost per occurrence.
  5. Slice-seed and Aerate – Provide labor and equipment necessary to properly slice-seed and aerate turf. Cost per occurrence. *

*NOTE: Materials will be provided by the Town of Oxford for seeding, fertilization, lime application, pest and weed control upon request as needed with advance notice.

Questions or further information

Contact Connie Staples, Recreation Director, if any further information is needed.