Town of Oxford

Oxford, Maine




  • NEWSPRINT – Newspapers & all contents and flyers: magazines, catalogs, paperbacks, etc.
  • MIXED PAPER – Most envelopes, junk mail, cereal boxes, wrapping paper, dry food boxes
  • GLASS – bottles and jars only, must be clean, labels OK,   NO WINDOW GLASS or BULBS
  • #2 NATURAL PLASTICRINSE CLEAN, Jugs, (eg. milk, water, windshield wash, vinegar, OJ, etc.)
  • #2 COLORED PLASTICRINSE CLEAN, Bottles, Jugs, laundry soap, bleach, most hair products, etc.
  • ALUMINUM & TIN CANS NEED TO BE CLEAN: all tin cans, cat food, etc.
  • METAL – All White Goods, (eg. stoves, dryers, washers, ranges, mowers, snow blowers) OIL & GAS removed
  • DEMOLITION – wood: (painted, stained, w/nails), plywood, chipboard, sheetrock, pressure treated, doors, windows, door casings, etc. ALL ARE RECYCLED    DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OR RECYCLABLES IN WOOD COLLCTION AREA!
  • LEAVES, GRASS CLIPPINGS,  FOOD WASTES,SAWDUST, SHAVINGS– shredded and made into compost
  • PINE NEEDLES, BRUSH, AND TREES – All go into brush pile and chipped for Biomass (no length limit) [no stumps]
  • PAINT – All Household liquid paints, to include Latex, Oil, Stains. MUST have label and cans not rusted through, the  EXCEPTIONS are Automotive Paints, Driveway Sealers, Paint Thinners, Epoxy paints, and Marine paints, Rubber Sealers. MOST EXCEPTIONS TO PAINT RECYCLING CAN BE DRIED OUT WITH SPEEDI DRI AND PUT INTO REGULAR TRASH.             EMPTY PAINT CANS (DRY) GO INTO REGULAR TRASH