It’s time to start dreaming about this year’s garden! We’ve put together a selection of great choices and there’s something here for everyone. I planted my first cardinal flower at camp last year and loved the results- these beauties grow up to 6 feet tall with gorgeous red color and attract lots of hummingbirds! I’m seriously thinking of adding more this year and giving some as gifts to my hummingbird-loving friends.

Another surprise in the sale is the inclusion of Black Cherry (prunus serotina). In doing research I discovered this tree is one of the two most important to birds, especially during migration. My goal for the season is to create a small wildlife area with my granddaughters – what’s yours?

Enjoy browsing through the sale offerings and, as always, let me know if you have questions or need a little guidance. I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction!

 2019 Native Conservation Plant Sale order form 

Learn to protect the integrity of our landscape by going native! Nearly 1500 species of native plants are found in Maine. They provide food, fiber and habitat for wildlife and
humans. Our sale can provide you with propagated native plants that have not been dug from the wild and our plant list doesn’t include any invasive, non-native species.
In addition, we can provide you with information on
growing specific types of Gardens:
*Pollinator Garden *Rain Garden *Fragrance Garden * Wildlife Support
*Dry Areas *Wet Areas *Coastal Areas *Erosion Control *Edible Plants
* * *
The Native Plant and Tree Sale offers:
*Flowering plants *Ferns *Vines *Ground covers *Edible plants
*Shrubs *Trees (including conifers) .
This year we are once again offering a large selection of plants to help with erosion control, pollinator plants and native wildlife support.
* * *
Order by April 26th!
Start a new tradition of going native!
Purchase some for yourself, give in memory of a loved one, gift a friend for a birthday or wedding, and don’t forget Mother’s Day!

Pick up day will be May 4th at the Hooker Family Farm Open House in Oxford

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Education & Outreach Coordinator
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Oxford County Soil & Water Conservation District
Annual Native Plant & Tree Sale
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