INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE: We are asking folks in Oxford, with significant damage to their primary house or private roadways, to please send contact information, address and a brief statement of damages and potential costs to the Oxford Town Office, then  process everything you can through your insurance company.  Please be sure to take a lot of photographs and keep records of repairs when completed.

We are gathering this information in case there is a chance of requesting Individual Assistance through FEMA for private citizens. It is very likely that we will NOT be able to request this assistance.  This is not a guarantee of assistance.

CMP OUTAGE REPORTING: If there are folks in Oxford still without power and you do not see your road currently listed on the CMP outage list, please report the outage to CMP again. CMP has been clearing roads when they believe all power has been restored, and are hoping citizens will call again if they see their road is no longer listed, or they continue to be without power.  1-800-696-1000 is the number to report outages.