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The Town of Oxford is currently accepting bids on the following tax-acquired properties:

Map + Lot                         Address                               Min Bid

R01-001-00H       BURNS ROAD                             $  6,664.68

R03-004               RABBIT VALLEY ROAD              $  4,806.97

R11-041-00A       NEW HARRISON ROAD             $  1,432.44

U48-005              77 COLDWATER BROOK RD      $  4,310.75

Notice of Tax Acquired Property Sale
Printable Bid Form * Required

The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Oxford, Maine are accepting bids for the purchase of the municipality’s interest in tax-acquired properties. Each bid must be in writing, have a completed bid form and be in a sealed envelope marked “Tax Sale Bid for property Map and Lot #” on the outside of the envelope. Each bid shall be for one property only. Any person wishing to bid on several properties must submit a separate bid for each one. Each bid must also include a Bid Form, available at the Town Office, or click on downloadable version above, that includes the bidder’s name, mailing address and phone number.

Minimum bid is the total due of all tax, including an estimate of the 2017 taxes, interest and fees plus 10%.  Any deviation should include a justification.  Submit bids to Board of Selectmen, P.O. Box 153, Oxford, ME 04270 or at the Town Office.
The Board of Selectmen must receive all bids no later than, 12:00 pm August 31st, 2016, at the Town of Oxford; bids will be opened and read aloud at this time. Late, faxed or emailed bids will not be opened or considered. The Board of Selectmen will review and either award or reject all bids at that time. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Each successful bidder shall have 14 business days from the date of bid acceptance to complete the purchase at the discretion of the Board. Each property will be conveyed as is where is by a quit claim deed without covenants. In the event that a successful bidder fails, for any reason, to complete the purchase in the time stated, the bid acceptance is void and any deposit shall be forfeited to the Town. The Board of Selectmen may thereafter negotiate a sale of the property with any or all unsuccessful bidders.
The properties for sale are described on the Town’s Tax Maps by lot and map number.  All information on the properties are available at the Town Office. The tax maps and other public information may be viewed at Oxford Town Office during office hours. Tax maps are also available on the town website

Purchaser Responsibility:

In the case of any occupied properties; eviction will be the purchaser’s responsibility.

Additional Properties will be available soon.

Oxford is a town of approximately 4200 residents in Oxford County, Maine. First settled in 1794, Oxford was set off and incorporated on February 27, 1829. It later annexed land from Otisfield in 1830, and Paris in 1838.

Oxford, Maine